Full Social Media Integration with Louisiana Fishing Reports

What’s great about this fishing report site is that it is flexible and modular. We can do a lot with it and will continue to improve the user experience for you! Even with the great success we have had in the three months Louisiana Fishing Reports has been operational the envelope will continue to be pushed.

Today we implemented a couple things that will better integrate Louisiana Fishing Reports with Facebook. For starters, at the top of the Louisiana Fishing Blog Facebook Page there is a pinned post that serves as a link to Louisiana Fishing Reports. While surfing Facebook on your smart phone or tablet you can always tap that link to visit this site and see what’s going on with the fishing reports.

Secondly, I have integrated links to the blog and this site in the top menu of the Facebook page, but it is only accessible using computers, not mobile devices. That is just the way Facebook works and it is out of my control.

So there ya go, folks! Keep on posting! Some of us have to live vicariously through your fishing reports.