How to Write a Fishing Report

We are all about having good quality fishing reports here at LAFR. We tell you how to write a fishing report.

This may sound crazy to you, but some people were never shown how to write a fishing report.

Fishing reports are important to have because they help you keep a detailed memory of the what, when, where and how of your fishing trips. Without them key details and fishing patterns can be lost forever. Without fishing reports you may never grow as much as you can as an angler. Don’t you like setting the hook on fish? Certainly! So be sure to write detailed fishing reports.

Writing a fishing report is not as time-consuming as you think. It really only takes ten minutes. Especially with today’s technology, keeping details of fishing conditions and results is easier than ever. This site is easy to write fishing reports on because it is accessible by any kind of device, whether it be a tablet, smart phone or desktop computer.

Fishing reports can also get you recognized as being a good angler. This can lead to sponsorships or even getting invited to fish on someone else’s boat.

Keep in mind that we are all about having quality content on our sites, both Louisiana Fishing Blog and this one, Louisiana Fishing Reports. We don’t allow fishing reports that are vague and ambiguous. Most of the time we ask questions in response to the poster’s report in an attempt to make the report more detailed through their answers. However, don’t be surprised if a vague fishing report is deleted as per our forum rules.

So what are some thing we look for in a fishing report?


  • Conditions at hand (What was the weather like? How about the water?)
  • Tackle Used (What kind of fishing rod and tackle were you using?)
  • Presentation (Were you suspending the bait with a popping cork or tight-lining it on a jig head?)
  • Location (Don’t give us exact spots, just general areas)
  • Fish Behavior (Were they scattered?)
  • Tell your story (How did the day go? What would have done differently? Did you have a good time?)

To learn more, please visit Louisiana Fishing Blog and read our article, The Art of the Fishing Report. Thank you for posting!