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    Read previous report here:

    After catching some trout on the north end of the Trestles I knew I wanted to fish Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to fill the 134 tags I had.

    I rolled out for 5:30AM from Tite’s and went to where I left them on Sunday. The water was flat calm and the sunrise/moonset was beautiful. It was one of those moments in time I live for. Each one is special and I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t bother to get up to see it.

    I was the first boat out there. I deployed the foot pedal trolling motor and got to work with my fav jigging rod, a 6′ 2″ Avid blank with microguides, EVA grips and no hook keeper. It’s a medium blank with an extra fast tip and has a 13 Fishing Concept A with 10lb fluoro on it. I eventually spooled on 14lb fluoro after having too many trout break off from fraying the line with their teeth.

    I had a 3/8oz Goldeneye jighead w/ Lemon Head Matrix Shad tied on.

    Anyways, I got to work trolling down the west side of the pilings, working my way south. I was by myself until another boat anchored in front of me. Other boats started showing up and the “inshore armada” slowly took form as the Trestles became a used-boat lot.

    I had no intention of soaking shrimp. I already know how to fish live shrimp. I wanted to pitch, roll cast and jig the bottom for speckled trout. First off, because it is a skill set I am still mastering and, secondly, I believe it puts more fish in the boat.

    I varied my approach and presentation. I used two presentations:

    First, I used a conventional presentation of casting down the length of the Trestles, letting the jighead fall to the bottom and bouncing it along. Some trout were hitting it as far as 15 yards off the tracks.

    Secondly, I’d pitch or roll cast to the pilings, let the lure drop straight down by letting additional slack out, (not letting it “swing” towards me on a tight line), then reel the slack in, wait for the bow in the line to dip before jigging, letting the Matrix Shad glide to the bottom, reeling in slack and repeating the process.

    Jig, jig, glide….jig, jig, glide….jig, jig, glide…

    I’d repeat this process so much that I’d dream of it that night, over and over again.

    Because boats around me were using live shrimp I tried using a white Gulp Minnow. It had a little more “stink” to it that I was hoping would capture the attention of the trout. Boats around me were using live shrimp and I think that caused my plastic lures to lose their appeal.

    It didn’t work.

    I switched back to the Matrix Shad and continued to work the pilings, figuring I would just grind them out.

    As the sun came up it was evident that the water was more brown and dirty than it was clean and green. “Trout green” water is green, clean and salty. After tagging 20 or so trout I decided the trout bite wasn’t particularly awesome and didn’t have anything to lose by running around and looking for better conditions. The only place I could think of going was south, so I headed that way after picking up a lady friend at the dock. (newly christened “Slow Poke” since she took forever to get there)

    We ran past the draw and kept rolling when I noticed the water was considerably cleaner and greener. It wasn’t the perfect “trout green” water I like, but it was wayyy better than what I had been fishing. From my vantage point I could see that there were tons of boats on the north and south ends of the Trestles and some in the middle.

    I put the trolling motor and got to work, focusing on quality roll casts to pilings, letting slack out, making bottom contact, jig jig glide, etc.

    The water was moving a little harder here. I changed to a 1/2 oz jighead.

    After a few casts I hook up. The trout goes flying into the “Love Tub” aka “Trout Jail”. I figured them out and promptly put more into the boat. Bam! Bam! Bam! The Love Tub is filling up.

    I found that making my way north allowed for a better presentation. The tide wasn’t coming in perpendicular to the train tracks, but more at a 45 degree angle from the northeast. So working the trolling motor north allowed me to pitch to the pilings and get a better presentation than working my way south. The lure can fall straight down better if there is slack in the line created by the sight forward motion of the trolling motor and tide coming directly towards me. It was also easier to “keep station” and repeatedly cast at a piling that held more than one trout.

    Sometimes they would hit close to the piling, sometimes they would hit 5-10 yards away from it, so I would give myself some space from the tracks if this were the case.

    Then the wind started to blow hard again. It became difficult to catch fish, though I still caught some here and there. With 56 total trout caught and 46 tagged, I called it a day and left them so I could get home and get some work done.

    It was a successful day, full of Fishing Smarter and even teaching Slow Poke how to tag fish, who was really helpful in the process.


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    Mike Sibley

    With all the places to spend the day, what influenced your decision to fish the trestles? Is it just this time of year historically this is the place to fish? If so, how long is this the hot spot?


    Fish always show up at the Trestles in the spring and fall. It’s common knowledge.

    I also had three tagged fish recaptured there.

    It’s a hot spot as long as they keep biting.

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    I know those are kinda “obvious” answers, but truthfully no one knows what the fish are going to do until they do it.

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    Well any time you don’t want to wait for “Ms. Slow Poke” I got room in my boat!! I hope the trout keep coming in the Lake and hoping we get a good run of some big fish.


    Sorry bud, but you’re probably not as good looking as her! lol

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