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    Being single with no kids has it perks, one of those being I can go fishing pretty much whenever I want. So I rolled out with forum member Travis Pittman to Lake Pontchartrain to tag a few fish. I was thinking I could definitely tag 20-30 specks.

    We launched from Fort Pike for 9am and arrived to some water not far from the Hospital Wall. We drifted, jigging the bottom and catching some here and there. We moved to Treasure Isle and it was the same thing there. Then we ran to the Trestles but the water was moving pretty hard and we didn’t catch anything there.

    The tide was coming in first thing in the morning, but by the time we got out there the tide was falling. Wind was blowing pretty lightly, near 5 knots as predicted but a couple times during the day it got up to 5-10 knots.

    We ran back to the Hospital Wall, having only caught about ten trout at this point in time. I figured I could work the area a little harder and figure the trout out instead of looking for an easy “whack em and stack em” spot. Well, that’s what we did and it worked out. We would drift with the current/wind and jig the bottom. As soon as we got onto them we’d slip the anchor into the water and then catch 10-20.

    If we saw birds diving we would give them a shot, but only if they were diving confidently or at least showing serious interest in an area.

    We did the over and over again until we had caught a total of 113 speckled trout. We filled 96 tags and Travis took home another 10 or so and there were some not fit to be tagged.

    We fished until the sun went down and I was very happy with the day’s outcome. I would have much rather spent it on the water than just about anywhere else. We blew my expectations completely out of the water and that is always good. lol

    All trout came on a 3/8oz Golden Eye jighead on either a chartreuse glow sparkle beetle or a lemon head Matrix Shad.

    I use a Medium Power DUCE Rod with a 13 Fishing Concept C and 40lb test Suffix 832.

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    Awesome day Devin. I couldn’t think of anything better to do either. I went out to the trestles on Wednesday morning and the bite was good. Beautiful fish all right at 14 inches with very few throw backs. I think I threw 2 back out of the 18 or so I caught. They liked pink champagne on 3/8 jighead early and then around 10:00 it got a little overcast and they stopped eating pink. I switched to the blazin hornet and they started up again. I left around 11:00 happy running across the lake to the launch and I saw a flotilla at the hospital wall so I joined in and finished my limit. Fun times.

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    Travis Pittman

    One and only time I would suggest sharing a picture of the GPs…but this is a family website

    Tag some fish


    Sa Weet.
    Wish La had the funds.
    I would like to start tagging again.

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