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    Knowing exactly where I had to go I ran under cover of darkness to the spot I had left them the day before. You can read more in this report:

    You can read more about specific techniques used here:

    Conditions were similar. The water was flat calm and the air was dead still. It wouldn’t pick up and start blowing a little harder until later in the day. The tide was coming in hard all day.

    I got on them right away and started filling the Love Tub with inmates. Problem was, other people had seen me catching and were starting to populate the middle of the bridge. This interrupted my ability to slowly troll from piling to piling, so I worked around them by fishing the other side of the bridge, against the current. It was a little more difficult to get to the bottom, but I would still catch fish here and there.

    BTW, I don’t mind having people in the way. Once upon a time it used to get under my skin, now I enjoy the challenge of overcoming their presence and even catching fish with a captive audience.

    Eventually the boats got tired of feeding shrimp to catfish/pinfish/hardheads and moved out. Some caught speckled trout but no one was knocking them in the boat like I was. I’m not trying to sound boastful, I am just driving home the point that understanding the water, the wind and how they dictate my boat positioning, approach, lure choice and presentation is a superior strategy to consistently boating fish.

    Jig, jig, glide…tap…then I’d swing that rod like I’d swing a bat at an incoming baseball. Sometimes, I missed the strike. I still don’t know why, my guess is that they were small or they had struck the lure at an odd angle or simply fell short. A missed strike would send the Matrix Shad rocketing out of the water like a missile.

    A good hookset would put a bend in the rod and heads would turn as the trout came flying into the boat and thumped the aluminum deck (which was really loud, like a drum).

    Sometimes I wouldn’t feel the bite, but would see my line move a little in the water. This is why we love fishing on calm days, we get that much more “feel” into the water. If the boat is bobbing up and down on a windy day, it is much more difficult to detect a slight movement in slack line.

    A note on consistently catching fish: If you want to catch fish, if it really matters, you won’t roll out when the spring run is in full swing and go for “easy fishing”. You will put your time in on the water and take the time to learn. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure, and the perceived “easy road” will actually be a lot harder.

    I saw a lot of boats who had clearly taken this path and weren’t catching. I don’t wish this for them, but the fish dole out rewards based on fishing hard and smart. It’s what I love about the game.

    I continued to work each piling, tossing Lemon Head Matrix Shad (and other light colors) perfectly between the pilings and letting them fall to the bottom before jig jig glide BAM!

    I eventually finished out the rest of my tags, 74 of them and finished that week of fishing having tagged 134 trout, had at least 40 come unbuttoned in midair and fall back into the water or, more comically, fly out of the water, across the bow and back in the drink. Another 40 or so came unbuttoned halfway to the boat.

    Overall, it was a good run of great weather and awesome fishing. I left them biting and headed back in to get work done.

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    Capt, That made me feel better knowing I’m not the only one that has them get off. Sometimes the fish get the better of me. I have had them fly across the boat and back into the drink as well. Most times its bc I’m just mad at them lol. Overly overcome with knowing I’m about to land a keeper fish and they go to jump and I’m lifting. Why can’t they all just come off after they hit the deck? The wind and wave finder page is showing good conditions coming next week good luck out there. Happy fish flying!!!!!!!


    Yeah, I think Wednesday it’s supposed to lay down.

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