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    Michael coulter

    Fished the mrgo today. We started with live shrimp under a cork and Carolina rig to find the bite. Then used a double rig and a double rig under a cork with gulp and matrix shad. We got to the mrgo as the sun came up. First two hours all the trout were really nice the next 3 hours about 3 to 1. I had a 22lb and 19lbs redfish. The third one was 29inch so we kept that one let the other two go.

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    BOOOOM!! Shake the room!!

    Heck yes, awesome job, Mike. I keep telling people the MRGO rocks! Thanks for proving it for me. lol

    What color Matrix Shad were you using?

    Were you fishing tidelines?

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    Michael coulter

    Tiger bait/matrix shad but we tried a few different colors all seem to work… gulp got a faster bit..

    David Alphonso

    Look at the gullet on those reds! Nice!

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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